Individual Tax Planning and Preparation Services

Individuals rely on us to assist them with navigating the changing and complex tax laws in planning and preparing their individual tax returns.  We strive to educate our clients on these changes and help them make decisions that are in their best interest for tax planning and for their long term goals.  We work with high net worth clients as well as clients that may have particular situations where they feel they need a professional tax accountant.  For many of our clients we work with them and their professional team on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

Business Tax Planning and Preparation Services

Navigating through business tax laws can be a challenge to many business owners. We assist our business clients in tax planning and preparation services. We encourage quarterly or bi-annual meetings so that we can review the financial records and offer suggestions or tax saving strategies before the end of the year.

Estate, Trust & Gift Taxes & Planning

We assist our clients in maximizing the best tax opportunities for gifting money to their children, other heirs or charitable organizations both during their lifetime and after. We have teamed up with various attorneys to provide exceptional and comprehensive planning so you have a team of advisors.