Individual Consulting

We assist our clients in helping them determine and achieve their financial goals.  Those goals could be the desire to buy a vacation home, a business or rental property, how to best plan for college and retirement.  We work with their financial team to achieve these goals.  Additionally we provide one time consultations for those individuals that do not need our services for tax planning or tax preparation but wish to do a check up or may have very specific questions in which they need a Certified Public Accountant to assist them.

Business Consulting

We view ourselves as your “trusted advisor”.  We want to help you imagine, dream and plan for your business. We can review with you specific areas of your business that are profitable and those that are bringing negative cash flow and help you plan based on those findings.

For clients with one or several business owners, we help you plan for growth, increase profits and minimize taxes.  For many small businesses and organizations we can provide services that are consistent with the duties of a chief financial officer.  For larger businesses we understand your regulatory and compliance needs and are able to give you guidance in those areas that are specific to your industry.  We assist in all life cycles of the business from deciding which entity to choose to succession planning.