Balentine & Borg, PLLC is located in Durham, North Carolina.  We understand that our clients are the most valuable asset of our business.  We are committed to providing personalized, exceptional quality and timely service to meet our clients’ needs.  We maintain a high level of professional integrity along with technical and professional expertise.

We provide personalized and high quality service by meeting with our clients so that we understand their values, their expectations, and their short and long term goals.  Additionally we are a part of your professional team and therefore we encourage the ability to communicate with your attorney, investment advisor, and/or financial planner.  To be a part of that team means we ensure that the team is working to achieve the same goals on your behalf.

Our technical expertise comes from our combined experience of over 25 years in public accounting and our continued investment of time and resources.  We invest not only in our continuing education but also in the latest technology that we believe will make us the most efficient and assist us in providing the best quality service.